about chron me!

Published on Sunday, October 12th, 2008
Chron me! is an online Stopwatch. You may use it to just time a specific activity or monitor your daily tasks.
Wonder where all your time goes?
Just use chron me! as your online stopwatch. Press start until you finish the activity, want to take a break or do something different. Stop the Watch!
You can now introduce specific task names as labels for each of the laps to keep track at the end of the day.
Press start again and continue…
Finally you can download and save the list to your computer. There are two “save” options. The first will save the file as a comma separated file (csv) . This will work for most of you. The second one willsave the file as semicolon separated file (scsv). You’ll be able to open these files with Excel.
Watch the video instructions
A few words about the code that has been adapted from the “tools.arantius.com/stopwatch”.
Following modifications have been made:
- now also works with Internet Explorer
- displays starting time for each lap
- displays date
- allows setting task labels for each lap
- you can download and save as csv

Note on the file formats:
Usually Excel will open csv files directly and split the different fields into columns. Many European countries however (and maybe others as well) need semicolon separated files in order to be able to read them with Excel without further processing. Crazy enough they call them csv as well. We call these files scsv.