ChronMe now as toolbar

We just released ChronMe as toolbar. Now you can start the stopwatch and initiate your browsing session. Wether you want to monitor the time you spend on the web or you just want to keep track of other activities while you browse, the online chronometer will run at the top of your window. You may stop the watch anytime and each time a new line will be added to your activity report. To display the report just click on the arrow to the right of the reset button. As with the original version of ChronMe you can save the report to your PC and read it with Excel or your favorite spreadsheet software.

2 Responses to “ChronMe now as toolbar”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Visit anonymous please make a toolbar that I can use without searching through google to get places and so i can freely use my bookmarks! please!!
  2. Mi Says:

    Visit Mi I agree! Please make a toolbar that you can download and put on the toolbar while searching. The searching takes too long using that method.