Online Stopwatch Feedback

If you used the stopwatch why don’t you leave me some feedback?
What did you use it for?
Did you like it?
Did you use the download feature?
Any suggestion?
So far I’m aware of following uses:
- record the time used to complete tests on a mathematics page
- record time to complete tests on a music teaching site.
- record time between contractions to know when to run to the hospital. I would never had expected this one :-)

55 Responses to “Online Stopwatch Feedback”

  1. Stu Says:

    Visit Stu How about a simple count down timer?
  2. NS Says:

    Visit NS We are currently using your chronometer at work to time our phone calls. We have a call center and are timing and counting the incoming phone calls this month. Very useful! Thank you for that.
  3. so Says:

    Visit so if you release iPhone apps of this I would buy in $2!
  4. satoko Says:

    Visit satoko I need this service as an iPhone app!
  5. Roberto Says:

    Visit Roberto A Lap button could be useful, that add a row without stop the time. Thank you
    Chronme says:The lap feature has now be added. Use the [INS] key to take laps without stopping the online stopwatch
  6. Pete Says:

    Visit Pete I would like to have timers that i can start and stop several times. I have to register all the time i spend on different projects at work, a timer for each project would be nice.
  7. Cobra_mkII Says:

    Visit Cobra_mkII As a public speaker I regularly time my practice
    talks with this software.
    So useful in contolling my timing, thanks very much
  8. JOSEP Says:

  9. Adam Says:

    Visit Adam Maybe add a keyboard shortcut like space or enter to start/stop the watch? And make the start button bigger.
  10. Jane Says:

    Visit Jane I always use the stop watch regularly for all my projects so I know how much time I spend on clients accounts. Its a great simple tool and well recommended!
  11. oscar Says:

    Visit oscar this timer needs another buttom that it doesnt stop the time but catch a specific moment!!!
    Chronme says:The lap feature has now be added. Use the [INS] key to take laps without stopping the online stopwatch
  12. Ursula Says:

    Visit Ursula A second on what Pete says — I’d like to go back to earlier tasks and restart the timer
  13. Casey Says:

    Visit Casey To stay on task and not dawdle too much on a particular task, it would help if I can identify how long I should spend, in advance, on each task. We’re talking multiple tasks, like Pete says, yet chronologically reverse, so that I set the time limit and it counts backwards to zero, sounding some alarm.
    So, interface-wise, there would be a box right to the left of “Start/Stop”. In that box I could right “read marketing blogs”. Then I could set my time. Then, underneath, would be an option “Add another project”. Clicking this would open another identical entry line with a box for the project description, “Start/Stop”, time, “Reset”. When I’ve entered a few projects, I then hit start on the first project line. Once done, my Firefox tab will blink, and I can click back to the tab, end that project, and start project 2.
    I give you props on what you’ve done! Nice work!
  14. George Says:

    Visit George Nice. Thanks. I used it to time the elements of a church service I am preparing.
  15. Joseph Says:

    Visit Joseph Nice one! Used to calculate how many minutes I need to insert a product in my website…
  16. Hengist Says:

    Visit Hengist Easy to use and practical. I use it for timing how long I spend on translations so I can work out my equivalent hourly earnings. I find it much easier to use than timesheet software. The csv export feature is a nice touch too.
  17. Cristiano “Mad Dog” Says:

    Visit Cristiano “Mad Dog” A Lap button would be nice.
    Is saves the time like the stop/star do, but without stopping the timer.
    By the way, very useful tool!
    Chronme says:The lap feature has been added now. Use the [INS] key to take laps
  18. admin Says:

    Visit admin Ok. I’ll have a second thought on the “Lap” feature. Meanwhile there’s a workaround for those who are not worried about precisions below 0.5 seconds. Just doubleclick on start/stop.
  19. Tim Says:

    Visit Tim We are using this tool to log machine downtime in our manufacturing facility. It provides EXACTLY the functionality we need. When an operator encounters a problem they start the timer and put a numeric code in the task field, they stop the timer when the issue is fixed. The export function makes it very easy to dump the data to excel and use pivot charts to combine and analyze data from multiple shifts.
    However, the need to have internet access hurts us. On night shifts when supervision is thin there is constant web browsing (and less productivity) from the operator. Having the ability to run this program offline would be truly great, and something we would probably pay to do as it is such a great tool.
  20. James Says:

    Visit James I’m working for an Online banking service (24/7), and login hour is a must for me. This tool is very helpful to me and to my co-workers. Using this stop watch, we can track our login hours in a day, which in turn will give our salaries. We are thankful that we have this helpful tool.
    God Bless You!!!
    This tool is already perfect and from my point of view, there is no need for further improvement, please keep going. This is the best.
  21. GP Says:

    Visit GP We are using it for our Helpdesk . It helping us for timing different task. ( such as remote control) .
    Our manager use data to analyse every tasks created by operators.
    Thanks !
  22. Dark Reed Says:

    Visit Dark Reed I’m using it to make statistics about the time it takes to make runes on the online MMORPG Tibia, for the purpose of make a table with the time used to make runes & compare profits.
  23. Andrew Says:

    Visit Andrew awesome app, man. i use it all the time for work. only thing it needs is a favicon so that it looks sexy in firefox. keep up the awesomeness.
    Chronme says: favicon added :-)
  24. SunnyD Says:

    Visit SunnyD Thank for providing a stopwatch that shows WHAT TIME YOU STOPPED IT!! I’ve been using online stopwatches for some time now. I tend to forget to restart the clock after taking a quick break, and thus under bill my clients because I guess on the low side and figure it’s my own fault. I was getting sick of that so tonight I was on mission to find one like yours!
  25. Rick Says:

    Visit Rick I love it and would like to use it to time customer service calls. It has everything I need but the running stopwatch needs to reset to zero when restarted (when stopped, the stopwatch would display the same time as the associated entry added to the csv file). I need the running time of the call visible so it can be used in escalation decisions. As it is, after the first call the running time is meaningless and simply a distraction.
  26. less Says:

    Visit less It’s easy to use, but I’d like to have the posibility to have just minutes and seconds: the running thousandths make me feel sick….
  27. Nicholas Sergeant Says:

    Visit Nicholas Sergeant Please consider including the keyboard operation (Alt-alpha letter) of the Start/Stop/Reset function for users who want a faster and more direct way to operate the stop watch. (For example, strange as it may seem, I would like to operate the stop watch with my eyes closed.)
    Chronme says: This functionality is now available. Use [ENTER] to start/stop, [INS] to take laps without stopping the time and [ESC] to reset
  28. Glauco Caon Says:

    Visit Glauco Caon This software has simply a great concept.
    No installation needed, besides the fact it’s free.
    I’ve started using Chronme and now will be hard to stop. Thank you for this great application development!
    However, It would be really great if it was possible to effectivly “add” it to a browser interface, like Google Chrome, like in a way that Chronme didn’t need to become a separate bar that uses vertical space. The final objective would be that, everytime the user open his/her browser, he/she wouldn’t need to access Chronme website, neither when he/she opens a new tab in the browser. Of course I’m not sure if this is possible, but would be a great integrated “addon” if impemented (ex: for Google Chrome). It’s just a feedback by the way.
  29. admin Says:

    Visit admin Hi Glauco
    Did you try the toolbar option? You’ll be able to use your browser as usual without having your vertical window space being used by Chronme. It’s not exactly what you ask for but it might be useful to you.
  30. Roberto Filho Says:

    Visit Roberto Filho I liked the app very much, it’s clean and simple, and most of all, useful. One little suggestion: making it save the split time table with a cookie or other means so that when I come back to the site at a later time I can see my saved split times.
    That way I don’t have to download a desktop application just for that, and I’m sure it would be a great differential over other online stopwatch websites, since I have looked for this functionality in similar websites and haven’t found one that has it.
    Hope that helps, keep up the good work!
  31. Andres Garzon Says:

    Visit Andres Garzon Your Chronometer is so good, and very useful to take time, specially, in proccess, etc.
    Only I have a feedback, It shoud being exported to Excel, but separte by columns, total time in one, laps in other one, date in other one, and comments in other one, that could be do other stuff like a summary of times, and means ;)
    Thank you ;)
  32. admin Says:

    Visit admin Hi Andres
    Thanks for your feedback. Have you tried both export options? One of them should work exactly how you describe. It all depends on your specific Windows/Excel configuration.
    Depending on the default field separation character your Excel is using you’ll find that “save as csv (comma)” or “save as scsv(semicolon)” will open the file in columns. Just try.
    If you still have trouble drop me an email (in Spanish if you prefer).
  33. Herr Hirsch Says:

    Visit Herr Hirsch Hi, I`m from Argentina, I found in Chrone me an excelent tool to control the time that my duties take me. I like its design very much. Keep it simple, don’t pollute the screen with advertisments, please!.
    Thank you, good luck!
    Chronme says: You have now a spanish version available at:
  34. admin Says:

    Visit admin Hi Herr Hirsch
    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll definitely try to keep it clean as much as possible in the future. There’s just a small ad on the top left side. My intention is to keep as is. Hope this doesn’t disturb you too much. Helps me paying the hosting costs :-)
  35. Jeff Says:

    Visit Jeff I second what Adam said. Enter or Space Bar to Start/Stop would be great! No hand/eye coordination would be required so you would not have to be looking at the screen to start/stop.
    Nice program.
  36. Luisa Says:

    Visit Luisa excellent website… no pop ups, no interviews, no need to register. easy to use!!! I was trying to find a chronometer in my “smart phones” I went for this option because I needed less clicks!!!
  37. Mohammad Says:

    Visit Mohammad mate, this is the best little thing i have come across in recent years. keep up the good work.
  38. admin Says:

    Visit admin Today we launched a new version of our online stopwatch ChronMe.
    Chronme now supports hotkeys. This feature has been requested several times and will help to operate the stopwatch without having to use the mouse and eventually loosing some microsecs while pointing at the right button. You may also operate ChronMe with your eyes closed ;-) .
    Additionally you will now be able to take laps without stopping the time if you wish.
    The hotkeys you can use are [ENTER] to start/stop the stopwatch, [INS] to take laps and [ESC] to reset the online stopwatch.
  39. Bobbo Says:

    Visit Bobbo I love this for recording time on each task. The only thing that has caused me grief is when I have accidently hit the Escape key or clicked the Reset button by mistake and, whoops!, there goes all my time recording.
    Is it possible to put a secondary confirmation asking “Are you sure?” before the data is cleared?
    Great work, thanks again.
  40. kristian p Says:

    Visit kristian p Very nice, and simple. I could do with about double the size for the text fields.
    Using it for time-tracking, to see how much time a one minute process takes over the course of a day.
  41. ljilekor Says:

    Visit ljilekor Using the chrono to time my rubiks cube solving skills.
    Insert key for laptimes sucks on most laptops. You may change (or add) this to:
    SPACE = Start/Stop
    CTRL or SHIFT = Lap time
    This will work on any type of machine (also tablets and smartphones)
    Countdown (+ visual/audio signal) would be nice for when I’m cooking and of course many other applications
  42. Andre Says:

    Visit Andre Keys stopped working on Firefox 9.0 Used to work on FF 8.0 just before i updated it…
  43. admin Says:

    Visit admin Hi Andre
    Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. It somehow felt through the cracks. This is a Firfox 9 bug:
    In any case it has just been fixed through a workaround. Keys work again now!
    Thanks for the heads up.
  44. Albi Says:

    Visit Albi The two buttons “stop/start” and “reset” need to be reversed. Alternatively, the Reset button should be placed somewhere else. But a simple switch would be better since most people are right handed.
  45. Albi Says:

  46. Albi Says:

    Visit Albi What about a feature that calculates LAP AVERAGE?!
  47. harfehesaab Says:

    Visit harfehesaab Hi
    I want a desktop download for this.
  48. Danilo Says:

    Visit Danilo I’m using it to measure time dedicated to some tasks, but when exporting to csv and loading in excel, i’m having trouble for elapsed times longer than 1 hour…
    Thanks for the service anyway! :)
  49. Wheresmytime Team Says:

    Visit Wheresmytime Team Hi,
    Wheresmytime developed a time tracking map app that we believe could be interesting for you and your network.
    Could you please share this information with Android mobile’s users you might know?
    Wheresmytime is a time tracking app, which runs in the background and records the time you spend in each location. Your time is then displayed on the map with the accuracy and the time period you choose.
    Your position is localised without GPS, therefore allowing for use in the buildings and reducing battery consumption.
    Privacy: Wheresmytime saves your position only in your mobile phone.
    Many thanks,
    Wheresmytime Team
  50. Warrick Says:

    Visit Warrick I use this to time my academic presentations. The lap option helps me trim or expand specific sections as needed. Simple, clean, and effective. Thanks for this service.
  51. alboi Says:

    Visit alboi How about making this into an android app? But you MUST develop a nice widget for it too. That would be a really cool thing. Although there are several chronometers out there for android. There are no good ones with widgets as well.
  52. Suds Says:

    Visit Suds It would be nice to have the option to make the button cycle with just one touch (not start/stop). This would be useful in many situations, such at timing the intervals of sequential events (like each time a car passes by). Usually traffic analysis people just count the cars. What might be even more interesting is the time between cars. This is just one example.
  53. cedl Says:

    Visit cedl I’m using your tool right now to record my freelancing activity. Very useful, especially with the export feature!
    What I’m missing is a mobile optimized version. This does not neccessary have to be an App. Since media queries in CSS3 make it very easy to optimize a Website device specific, for me a simple WebApp would be far enough.
    After that you could run the data export via DataURLs, and the WebApp was possibly offline available (just add an appcache manifest, and I’m lucky ;) )
  54. chris Says:

    Visit chris Productivity tracking at work! I scan stacks of paper and we have to report how many inches/hour we scan and index (attach to hospital visit number). I think most of my coworkers don’t use as much detail as I do, but I’m particular. :)
  55. chris Says:

    Visit chris (hi it’s me again) Would it be possible to add a pop-up warning when navigating away from the page while a timer is active? I’ve lost my stopwatch times more than once due to this.